Thursday, January 15, 2015

HowTo: Fake Drugs On Screen

My fellow designer and friend Mary Paul sent me a link to this incredible article about what stand in products props masters use when drugs are taken on screen. I've pulled the basic info out into a neat and tidy list for future reference, but here is the link to the original article:

Sitting on a table or in lines:
Corn starch and baby powder

Powdered Lactose or Vitamin B powder

Protect the Actor's nasal cavities from multiple takes:
Coat the inside of the straw with Vaseline, so most of the powder gets caught before it gets inhaled

The same recipe for faux-caine will work

Sugar and baking soda,
or Bouillon 
or Gelatin

Retracting Needle or Stunt Needle
Rent or Purchase: - I've used their kit before and it worked spectacularly - I highly reccomend this if you have the budget for it - I haven't tried their needle specifically, but I have purchased other stunt props from them in the past and I am always pleased with the quality of their products and their customer service.

Entirely fake:

THC free, but otherwise, the real thing:
Buy the real thing without getting the actors high with product bought on

Dress that Bong:
Add coca-cola to the water to dirty it up, add crushed cigarette flakes to float in top.

Apparently you can buy stamped sugar pills from a prop house, but I have yet to find the prop house. I'll update this post once I figure it out. Otherwise people recommend Altoids or some other candy with food coloring stamped on it.

Crack Rocks
Not to ingest:
Krazy glue dropped into a pile of baking soda

Magic Mushrooms
Safe to ingest:
Purchase some freeze dried mushrooms from your local asian market

Happy propping everyone!


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