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Artful Pursuit


I started this blog back when I was a set and costume design major at the University of Connecticut as a way to share the things I was learning about art and design.
I've shifted my specific focus a few times, but I feel that as long as I continue to learn and share that knowledge  then this blog will continue to live on.

Horror Made


Horror Made is my all-horror-all-the-time blog where I explore horror in books, movies, poetry, and my own original artwork.

I started Horror Made as a companion blog to the YouTube channel my husband and I started (Haunting TV), and now it's actually grown to a point where I post on it every weekday.

MAC650 Art Gallery

I'm also blogging for the MAC650 Art Space in Middletown, CT.

The content over there is focus on all forms of art. Some posts are features on our current exhibits, but the rest are about sharing the varied knowledge the North End Artist's Co-op has in art, music, and the local community.

Twisted Bubble Books


This is my Sci-Fi and Fantasy blog. Initally it was intended to be home to my non-horror book reviews, but now I'm thinking it will also be home to my non-horror artwork, short stories and explorations of what the internet has to offer on the subjects.

That's it... for the time being. lol

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