Saturday, July 21, 2012

Birthday wrapping

Wrapping for my friend's birthday present. Rhinestones make everything better!
Recycled jewelry box, plus srcap booking paper, plus ribbon , plus rhinestones = awesome

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


*Yawns* Morning world. *rubs sleep from eyes*

As you know it was a late night for me last night, but I have some fun things to work on today. Post coffee, I will be headed out to Home Depot to pick out paint chips and then off to the fabric store to find some promising red fabrics that need to go with my yellow paints. Then off to my production meeting to figure out all the "whens" of my next project.

*wanders back to the coffee maker*
And now, with a sketch out of the way and 2am hot on it's tails I bid you, good night.

I often find my brain racing in the middle of the night. Such as tonight. Sometimes I can focus on breathing evenly and then awake hours later feeling rested and clinging to the lingering shreds of a dream, which is swiftly chased away by the first stinging rays of sunlight. Other times, such as this evening, my thoughts spin around in circle until I can't stand it anymore and I get up to do something. Last week it was finishing the hand stitching on my wedding veil and then being unpleasantly surprised by the sunrise. Tonight, I blog and begin a far less selfish endeavor. Tonight I being the portraits for the band members of "Talking to Walls" as a thank you for them performing at my Jack and Jill party this past Saturday. I feel like I can safely say this here without ruining the surprise since I highly doubt they'll be stalking my long dormant blog. And if they do... sweet! I have blog stalkers!! In a soon to follow evening I will also be portraiting Jeni Janover of Liquid motion, also because of her stunning and inspiring performance at th eJ&J. Her's I'm saving 'till last because I know I'm going to take a while on that one.

Thursday, July 5, 2012