Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I often find my brain racing in the middle of the night. Such as tonight. Sometimes I can focus on breathing evenly and then awake hours later feeling rested and clinging to the lingering shreds of a dream, which is swiftly chased away by the first stinging rays of sunlight. Other times, such as this evening, my thoughts spin around in circle until I can't stand it anymore and I get up to do something. Last week it was finishing the hand stitching on my wedding veil and then being unpleasantly surprised by the sunrise. Tonight, I blog and begin a far less selfish endeavor. Tonight I being the portraits for the band members of "Talking to Walls" as a thank you for them performing at my Jack and Jill party this past Saturday. I feel like I can safely say this here without ruining the surprise since I highly doubt they'll be stalking my long dormant blog. And if they do... sweet! I have blog stalkers!! In a soon to follow evening I will also be portraiting Jeni Janover of Liquid motion, also because of her stunning and inspiring performance at th eJ&J. Her's I'm saving 'till last because I know I'm going to take a while on that one.

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