Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nail Polish Painted Guitar

Finally! Pictures of the completed guitar! Nail polish painting, painted only with the brushes that come out of the bottles. It took forever, but I really do like how it came out.

A real photographer would most certainly be able to get better pictures, I had a hard time getting a good shot because of the shine from the finish. In person though, it looks really good!

Just a note: If you ever feel the need to paint with nail polish wear a respirator! Or paint in a very well ventilated area. Your brain cells will be hella damaged by the fumes if you are not careful! I was most certainly wearing a respirator while working on this, and it was definably worth it. When I took the mask off to leave the room for a break, I quickly got a head ache. Although, I will say, I probably freaked the neighbors out a bit... chick sitting by an open window over-looking a busy street, wearing a gas mask...

Here are a few nail polish artists I've found that I enjoy:

 Julie Pate; you can find more of her work on her blog: http://pateflower.blogspot.com/

I love the way she plays with the mixing of the polish, sometimes in very organic ways and sometimes in structured ways. It's as if she's going from pouring the polish on the page and observing it to going back and seeing just how much control she can get out of something that is engineered to go on in one flat coat.

While I was painting the guitar I found that short decisive strokes were the best way to handle the paint, go over it too many times and it clumps up. So when I see work like the 2nd piece I'm amazed at the control she was able to exert over the medium.

Love, love, love! Jennifer's use of color and the way she uses the metallic's tendency to streak to her advantage is incredible! She controls the textures in a truly elegant manner.

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