Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fog Warning

Missed the most recent East Coast Indie Screening? No worries, Let me fill you in. 

Monday, April 18th, 2011 we screened the Horror film Fog Warning at UCONN in Storrs.

Fog Warning begins as a psychological thriller, making you question the characters and stretching your own beliefs only to surprise you by the end. There were some great people involved in this project. Christopher Ward, the Screenplay writer and Director, worked in television for a long time before he decided to rediscover the craft in his business and start making his own feature films. Fog Warning is the second of his features. His first was Person of Interest. The fabulous Marti Lang (one of CTs primer filmmakers) was one of our producers. We had an incredible cast and crew and it was definably one of my favorite films to have worked on so far. (This was the film I met my Fiancee Alexander on :-D) You can see Michael Barra, who has been in many plays, several SVU episodes and most recently landed a speaking role in the new Spiderman movie.

Here's the trailer:

And here's a little clip:

This film is packed with my artwork, and I even make a little cameo in it. :-)
One of the scenes is in an art gallery, where all of the artwork is actually by me. If you watch the film (which I highly recommend) you'll see a number of my angsty artworks including one piece that only existed for the few hours we were filming the scene. I never managed to get a picture of it either, so now it will forever live in film and nowhere else. The piece to look for was made from paintings I had randomly done of dead canaries the night before taped onto brown paper with black electrical tape and wrapped around a piece of glass I stole from the real art gallery next door. So here are a few of the pieces that were in the film:
"My Scream" 2006 Marker on Paper

"Bagged" mixed Media 2005 or 2006

Detail of "Bagged"

A page from my portfolio: at the top, sections of the storyboarding I did for the film. Bottom Left,  "My Desiccated Laughter," watercolor on glossy photo-paper, 2007.  Bottom Right, "Drive By," watercolor on paper, 2006.

Second portfolio page: Top Left; "Zombie drool" Acrylic on paper, 2007. Top Right, "Expectations," colored pencil and watercolor on paper, 2007. Bottom circus cage used in the film, Scenic painted by me.
It was an incredibly fun film to work on, and I'm so glad it has finally snagged a distributor!! It will be available to purchase in the fall of this year so fan it on Facebook and keep an eye out! 

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