Wednesday, April 27, 2011

FIM mini mixer 2011

So weekend after last there was s incredible networking event that happened called the Film Industry Mixer.Year after year I've made countless connections in the film and entertainment fields that have helped me to find work. This year our mini mixer was held in Mystic CT, and made possible by the hard work of Neil Thomassen, Alexander Andriulli, and the wonderful people at SECT film.

As this was a mini mixer we only had about 200-300 people there, but the location was amazing! We were at a modern castle in Mystic, a multimillion dollar home built by the current owners. Every part of the house I saw was obviously crafted with a great amount of knowledge and care. Take a look through the Video Tour: (created by Neal, Alexander, and some wonderful volunteers.)

Great house, just down the street from Olde Mystic village with easy access the the highway. Down sides? The neighbors, although very nice, are not multimillion dollar homes and there's no view of the waterfront. But again, a beautiful house. We were very lucky to have had the opportunity to have the mixer there this year.

The evening was jam packed full of things to do. First some great food and drinks were serves and then there was the endless networking with local filmmakers. The best part of having the event in Mystic this year was how many new faces ended up coming to the event! The theater was filled with short film screenings, screenings of trailers, and project pitches all evening. The billiards room had a steady flow of incredible musicians all night. And in the library the SECT film folks were playing Poquamuck party games to help advertise the island :-) 

On left: Neal Thomassen; Founder and Producer of the FIM. On Right, Alexander Andriulli, Co-Producer.

My favorite part of the house; a wooden spiral staircase.

The reason why it was my favorite part :-P

Hamming it up!

The map of Poquamuck Island, rendered by me :) From Left to Right, Alec Asten, of SECT film, Bill Clinton's impersonator :-), Jim Calhoun of SECT film, and Bill Clinton's impersonator's bodyguard :-D

Yes, this castle comes with it's own theater seen here packed with folks watching the evening's screenings and project pitches.

And the catering was amazing!!!!!!! 

Over all it was an incredible evening! Props to everyone who helped out and the photographers who recorded the evening festivities! Photos used were taken by Bill Burke and M. Sauro.

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