Friday, April 29, 2011

Walls of Remedy Fundraiser

Walls of Remedy is a feature film at the beginning of its journey.

Written by Alison Monasetro and produced by Alexander Andriulli it is scheduled to begin filming this fall.
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And in order to make it happen you need good people and... you guessed it, money!

And our fundraising has begun! Over at the shadow room we had a screening of some sample animation done by Bill Burke, and exceprts from the first round of auditions which happened in NYC a few weeks ago. We raffled off some great prizes, top shelf liquor, cupons for restuarnts all over CT, a free massage and spa treatment, a custom painting to be done by Michael Citak (one of The Shdow Room's owners) and original paintings done by Alison and myself. 

Raffle prizes chillin' in the shadow room's glow.
Original painting by Alison Monestaro
Auction Item number 2; a custom painting to be done by Michael Citak. If you would like to see what some of his work looks like, stop by the shadow room. The current installation is all original artwork done by him. Very textural and abstract.

Nail Polish on canvas collage, by Jeanette.

Nail Polish and string on paper, by Jeanette.
Nail Polish on paper, by Jeanette.
Nail polish on paper collage, by Jeanette.

Nail polish on plexi, by Jeanette.
 Fun tid-bit; all of the nail polish was leftover from the Stefano Guitar project ;-) 

Our fundraising is still going, so please help support our film! You can donate to our cause and view our NYC auditions at: 

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