Sunday, March 27, 2011

Local Artists

I went to this event called SWAN day last night. Support Women Artists Now, that is. And I met some of the coolest people! So let me introduce a few of them to you.

First a wonderful visual artist  named Kae Ashtin. Her work is very collage based and is so completely raw, emotionally. My favorite painting, which is not currently up on her site, was a collaged background made out of newspapers with a woman holding herself painted in bold thick strokes of black. It was captivating. 

Next are two jewelry artists named Suzanne Haugh and Correy Harris whose work is altered art. Lots of lovely beading in ring, earring, and necklace form. My favorite of their wares, however, were the bottle cap pendents. They take old bottle caps, beer caps generally, and punch out pictures from old magazines and tarot cards. They glue them in,  fill them with a clear epoxy, and add a loop for the chain to go through. Each and ever one of those cap pendants was so cool! Although their store is a little under construction right now you should totally keep an eye out for their work. 

This whole evening would not have been possible without the hard work of the artist Jennifer Hill of the absolutely amazing band "Jennifer Hill and Co." Indie rock band with a totally unique sound. And they were fantastic live. I definably can't wait to see more of their performances. Check the out at their website:
And absolutely fan them on facebook :)

Two ladies who also gave amazing performances last night were the burlesque dancers Lilly LaVamp and Nikki LeVillian. Fantastic performances, stunning costumes.

There were a ton of great bands and just as many great visual artists there last night, I can't wait until next year's SWAN day! 

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