Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Doodle number 9- featuring Krikko

I recently met the most amazing artist. His name is Krikko, also known as Gregory "Krikko" Obbott and he does pencil drawings of famous cities. Pencil drawings of famous cities that are two and a half stories tall and fifteen feet wide. with details right down to the people walking on the street. I walked into the Krikko pencil drawing museum in New Haven (CT) and was stunned by the art that met me. There where 2 of his giant works on display and quite a few "smaller" ones.

Krikko is a Nigerian-American Artist/Architect who lives and works mostly in New Haven CT.
One of his most well known pieces is "Super  Big Apple" which is a 15'x20' pencil drawing of Manhattan.

The patience and passion this man has is completely awe inspiring. While I was visiting the museum (also his home) I got to speak to him. And the one thing that really hit me was his exuberance for his work. He has a bedroom right next to his studio and he never uses it. He normally just sleeps on the couch in front of his desk so that as soon as he awakes he can pop right up and keep working. I so wish I had that kind of passion behind my work. I feel like I let the necessities of life get in my way faaaar too often.

"Super Big Apple" pencil on paper, 15' by 20'.
This picture took him a little over 2 years to create. 2 years! I get frustrated if I spend more than 2 days working on one piece.

Check out more of his incredible work at his site at http://krikkomuseum.com/index.html

So, inspired by my encounter, I took my 20min morning coffee sketch time to do a tiny tribute to a true drawing master.

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