Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Finding the work

The best way to get work is by being recommended to a job, rocking at it and then staying in touch with the folks you worked with. And then the networking continues into your life and makes the world go round.

If that's not working out so well, dust off that resume, add some new things to your website and start hunting.

I focus more on finding work in less traditional areas such as none NYC New England. I just really enjoy Indie features right now and that's what I'm looking to do more of.  So, keeping in that in mind, here are a few of the places I look to find New England based film/tv/design work.
This is a wonderful source for work, and because you have to pay a fee in order to apply it weeds out some of the less committed competition.
Another good site to find work. One that you do have to pay before applying though. It posts everything from full time, to low budget and no budget commission based work. One thing I have noticed about this site is that there is a pretty quick turn-over of postings. Which means lots of positions getting filled pretty quick.
This site has an overwhelming amount of job postings on it. Once again, need a membership to apply for the jobs you find there.
This site is another pay to play site, but it's formatted in a more constructive social-networking way. As a member you can post yourself out there to be hired as well as look at the call boards for jobs in either your department or your area.
This site has a decent collection of work. Most postings are looking for actors, but there are quite a few looking for crew. The nice thing about this site? You do NOT have to pay a fee to apply for the job. 
Occasionally, if I'm not finding something interesting on the other sites, or I'm looking for something local, I will turn to Craigslist. It can hide some real gems in there. The voodoo set I created a while back was a job I found on Craigslist and quite a few productions I have worked for have . Since It's free there's a lot of foot traffic so there's a quicker response. However, because it's a free serivce you should always be weary and investigate the lead before entrusting the other side of the email with too much personal information.

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