Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I love this blog! They have an fun writing style and are obviously seasoned professionals in the business. The blog does tend to focus on G&E, and production thoughts, but it's all very useful information and smartly written.

Some of my favorite posts are:

10 Things Inexperienced Cinematographers do that Annoys the Rest of the Crew
Where they describe some honest mistakes that newer cinematographers do. It's good advise for all newbies however. When you're on a film set, everyone has a specific job to do. So trust your team, and give them the time to do their job well.

5 Must Haves for an at Home Office
All simple tips that really do make a serious difference when in pre-prodution

Script Breakdown
Every designer ever will have to breakdown their scripts. They have some useful tips on how to catch everything you need.

And my top favorite post, which I will make sure any of my new-to-set arties read before our first day:

HowToFilmSchool’s Guide to Film Set Etiquette

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