Thursday, April 10, 2014

MAC650 Figure drawing

Tonight was figure drawing night the the MAC650 gallery.
So, here's the first sketch of the night, a 5 minute pose done in watercolors. 

It was so nice to have a model this evening that was more on the plus side. I really enjoy drawing body shapes that aren't the general athletic build. There's a wonderful beauty in those extra curves.

At this point I was still warming up,  however I'm pretty happy with how the face came out on this one. This was a 10min pose done with watercolors.

This was a 10 min pose, watercolor with pencil on top. I was really enjoying studying her hair but it was challenging trying to get those curls of hers to look fluid.

Here's the 30 minute sketch. Watercolor on paper with pencil on top. At this point during the session everyone was gently teasing me about using so many colors ('cause really, what ego driven person brings watercolors to a sketch session? This one.) So I added even more, even though I was kind of ready to monochromatic.

So for the last pose I went grey-scale. This was a 20 minute pencil sketch with a teensy bit of watercolor added to smooth out the shadows.

I really need to start tracking down more drawing groups. Once a month just leaves me wanted to do more. That's probably a good thing though. :-)

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