Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Getting Started

Hello and welcome to my first attempt at blogging. :)

This blog's goal is to chronicle my adventures into the cut throat world of art and design. Including the random bits of information I gather to help me on my way. You see, dear reader, I am an aspiring artist. With goals scattered to every corner of the four winds... as far as the arts are concerned. I hope to become a production designer for feature films, a designer of costumes and scenery for theater and events, and to make my way as an artist and a writer. We'll see. At the moment I'm just another recent college graduate with a lot of dreams and now a blog. But today (at the tender hour of 2am) is the beginning of my adventure. I have successfully reached out into the questionable abyss of the online job hunt and finally got a bite from craigslist. A local independent film was searching for a set designer to create the exterior of a witch doctor's hut. All I know right now is that the hut will be set up in someone's garage and I have about three weeks to build it. Challenge? Yes. Aside from the time line faking a hut in a garage will be a bit more difficult than say, plopping it onto one of New England's elegant rock beaches. Although that pesky weather might be a bit of an issue out on the beach... Ah well, new job, new people, new opportunities!

Much love to any and all who stumble upon my little blog!
~ Jeanette

Ps. Thank you google for making this sooo easy to set up!! 

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