Tuesday, November 2, 2010

And once again, I can breath!

Hello friends!

The last couple weeks have been pretty crazy. I've been living inside the Katter theater while getting everything done for the wooden sword. (pics soon!) The show's going to be pretty good. :) While in the thick of things it was hard to see the end result, but now that the costumes have joined the scene (designed by Ashley Fong) and the orchestra is here the show feels ... right. And I've actually been enjoying the dress rehearsals.

It's been stressful getting all of the furniture together and making scabbards and painting unexpected seating for the orchestra. But-- now that it's almost done- I'm really quite proud of our big little opera. And a good show always make the stress worth it.

Now that the sword is almost gone, I'm soooo ready to get a jump on the nutcracker!!! Sparkles and slippers and masks! All so wonderful after the rough and dirty wooden sword. :)

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