Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Halloween for realzie this time :)

Both parties I went to were lots of fun and full to the brim with  awesome people. And both cases I must thank my hosts for a much needed evening off.

As far as the costume goes; the hair was actually all my own, wrapped around Styrofoam cones then hair tied and bobby pinned into complete submission. I found that it was waaaaay easier to get it all up there when my hair was wet. So if ever you want to make elaborate hair sculpture without the gels and sprays, start with wet hair.

 The rest was mildly organized and distressed silk for the skirt and shawl. The shawl was an impromptu thing-- spare fabric that I wrapped around myself for warmth. Black tights, a leather corset, lovely mask, and a "sexy maid" dress make up the rest. Dear Halloween, thank you for giving me an excuse to dress even stranger than normal. Much love, Jeanette.

These pictures are thanks to Miss Kellyann Mikowski.

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