Saturday, January 28, 2012

Aladdin The Musical!

I now have the distinct pleasure of co-designing "Disney's Aladdin". So excited! Aladdin was totally on of my favorites growing up. I had three. Want to guess what they were?



And... Yep you guessed it. Alice in wonderland :-)

So any hoo, here's some research:

Oh, and PS. the idea is to do Aladdin, just not Disney. That being said it is the "Disney's Aladdin" so I'd love to find a way to blend the classic Disney version we all know and love with a little artistic license.

So far my biggest inspiration is from on deviant art. There's just something so perfect in her color and form that I want to capture.

Jasmine, anyone? Jasmine

Jasmine, in the details. Particularly the hair and the jewelry. Harem girl Genie  Iago
That's all for now.

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