Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wedding dress research

I've finally decided to take some time to work on planning my wedding. I've been  using this wonderful free online planner called to help me. It's great! I've got everything budgeted out and a time line of things I'm supposed to do, (of which there is a lot I'm apparently already behind on!) So you dear readers will get to  follow along with the mayhem :)

The first places I've been looking for wedding dress ideas have actually been Butterick's and McCall. Yep, the dress pattern place. I figure most custom made dresses will put you up around $500 to over a $1,000. For simple ones. So, a pattern costs $4.99 plus shipping and then 8 yards of fabric for (let's say) $5 a yard, so $40. Add $40 of embellishments like beads or tool and you can have exactly the dress you want for around $90. It does require time though and or friends with sewing skills. Thankfully I am in the costuming industry so that's not too difficult.

The following images are directly from
I've been enamored with the retro look, I think it would be perfect for an outdoor summer wedding :)

I actually already own this pattern. I'm thinking of making a test dress in color to see if I like the fit. Another option is to go dress shopping and try on some shapes to see what works and then just make one like what I find.

You can blame this love of the retro look on some of the inspiration pics I found on weddingwire. such as the following images:


Love the shape, and it's also one that won't look entirely tacky with a little color.

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