Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The power of Pintrest

Using Pintrest for something other than web surfing? Is this possible?!

Why yes. Now that there is an option to have secret boards I have been using Pintrest to share research, props shopping, pricing comparison, location photos, and renderings with the production and art teams. There's no file limit to things you can upload (unlike drop box) and everyone can have instant access to everything in an easy to digest format.

Here's a few examples from a past project that is not secret anymore:

I put together these boards so that the director, DP, and SFX all knew where I was going with the color palette and design. And rather than spending time to put all of the research together into a pdf to email to everyone it was all right there. Another bonus- all the comments stay connected to the pins. No more "I like the second one down from the top of the left column."

The best thing about the boards is that you can collaborate on them. So the DP can post his research on angles and lighting, right next to all of my research on wardrobe and set renderings.

It's also super helpful when I'm trying to track down the best prices for props. You pin the image and then you can link right back to the page you found it on. Tons of time saved! No more copy-pasting the heck out of the internet to find what you need. To keep the shared boards less cluttered, I tend to make a separate board when I am hunting for a specific piece. For sample, my research on perfume bottles:

So there you go, Pintrest- beyond pinning pictures of food and crazy nail polish.

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