Sunday, May 19, 2013

Back from the twilight of filming

Hello world! I'm back from the land of feature filming again! And as usual it's a total culture shock. It's wonderful to get reconnected to what's going on in the world, see your family and friends, and start eating way less comfort food, but I sure do miss the crew from this film. It was such a blast, everyone had such a great attitude and work ethic. It was also so much fun to see all the special effects make-up work and to take part in my first green screen sequence, and some of our stunts totally made my month. I'm already jonesing for our next project together.

 The good news for the readjustment-to-real-life phase, is that i'm not going to be off set for too long. weekend after next I have my next project popping up. It's a short called the Firefly Jar. And i'm stoked about this one because it's a whole new group of people to work with and a genera i haven't dabbled in for almost a year. This one's a drama, with visual effects and wish jars and magicians. So, rather than let the post-shoot-blues get me down, I'll just keep looking ahead to my next couple projects. Bring it on summer! I'm ready for you.

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