Monday, May 27, 2013

The empty appointment book complex

I do this thing, which I have yet to decide is a good or a bad thing, where I see an open section in my calendar and promptly try to fill it. Sometimes I pack in some family and friends time, but usually I'll just start packing in smaller projects and commissions to fill in the space before my next big booking. This year I've been incredibly fortunate to be connected with a bunch of fellow film makers with their eyes set on festival season for next year. And they are all turning out to be such great projects. I'm getting to work with some new people, stretching my design mind into a little drama and a little comedy, and fingers crossed might be working on my first NYC based short. 

It's a good habit I think. :-)

But enough day-dreaming about the future. I've got some props to finish for this weekend's shoot. Wish me luck!

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