Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Women in Horror Month

Hello readers!

February is Women in Horror Month and I'm doing a bunch of things that you may find interesting.

Yesterday I posted an interview with director Emily Hagins on www.horrormade.blogspot.com . Emily and I, as you may know, worked together waaay back on "5 Senses of Fear." Here's a link to my post about that project: Horror Movie Renderings. Lol, at the time I had to be super vague because features don't tend to share a lot while they're in production. But I can share all sorts of things with you about it now.

It was so much fun to work on this project. Every week I got to work with a new director on a new story with one of my favorite film crews in the world - Synthetic Cinema International. For Emily's segment we took over some abandoned buildings in an old campground in Moodus CT. It was such a great location, and I certainly did my share of urban spelunking while I was there-- in the name of finding set dressing of course. ;-) We made road spikes out of plastic chunks and strips of wood, had quite the adventure with cataract contact lens that made the child actor pretty much actually blind while wearing them, and we had some uncomfortably cold days of exterior shooting. Thanks New England weather! But it was fun, especially when I got to smash in a few windows on the van for the car crash. Wrecking cars really never gets old to me. My interview with her is the first in a four part series where I ask some of my favorite horror-movie making co-workers about their experiences in the industry.I'll make sure to post the links to those here so you can check them out as the month progresses.

 I also posted the first youtube video for the month's festivities. This week is my review of 'Struck' by Clarissa Johal. Here it is for you to check out:

 And really, feel free to make fun of me. I'm still figuring out how to not be a total spaz on camera. Who knew I'd be doing so much acting?

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