Thursday, November 10, 2011

my current misadventure

Once upon a time it was a quiet fall in scenic New England and I had just begun work at a new theater as their scenic charge and props master. Very excited to join the crew and ready to get going on an 11 day build/install of the theater's upcoming production of Smokey Joe's Cafe.

And along came Alfred. He emptied his overflowing supplies of snow onto the unsuspecting North East. Trees toppled, transformers were ripped off of their perches and the quiet New England fall was plunged into wintry black out.

Meanwhile- back at the new theater- I began to paint the set out on the porch, bundled up against the cold and working as long as there was light. (And forever persuading the paint to dry despite the cold. The pre-built scenery ran out. 4 days of black out later an already crammed build schedule becomes impossible to complete in time for opening night. But no worry, if there was one thing I learned on Diamond Ruff it is that anything is possible with enough extra help. So, a few phone calls later, in come the reinforcements! Chris and Joe, also Diamond veterans, spend hours wiring bulbs for the full light-boxed stair unit and uncomplainingly give a hand with the painting as well. The last scenic charge from 7A was also there to lend a hand. Thanks Dan!

Now, a few sleepless nights later, the to-do list in down to manageable items and I am looking forward to a good night's sleep the way a kid looks forward to Christmas morning. But the set is looking beautiful and (big plus) a job well done means my rent's not an issue this month :) huzzah!!

What's the theater you ask?
Why, it's 7 Angels theater located at 1 Plank Rd. in Waterbury CT.

When can you see this remarkable triumph against Alfred?
Well, the show opens today (as I write, in fact, the show is running for it's first audience upstairs). and it runs until December 18th. Check it out at their website:

Who are the key players here?
Artistic Director is Semina De Laurentis
Set designer is Erik Diaz
Technical Director is Josh Clabaugh
Me! :o) as scenic charge and props master

Want a sneak peak?
Ok ;o)

Here are a few process photos I've taken along the way.

More later :o)

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