Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Weekend of Indie

There is quite a bit going on our little underground world of film this upcoming month or so. The question is, which one to pick?

On Friday November 18
a) MAC 650 Gallery is having an opening night for Linda M. Klusek
    i) 650 Main Street Middletown CT
   iii) free admission
   iv) I'll be attending for the beginning of the event ;-)

b) World Premiere for Hanging Tree
    i) Quad Cinema in NYC
   ii) 10pm-??
   iii) $15 at the door or $12 if you order online
   iv) after party at Studio XXI
   v) I will be attending this also :-D

On Saturday November 19 you could see:
a) The Fence
    i) at Clinton City Hall (CT)
   ii) show's at 8pm red carpet at 7pm
   iii) tickets are an affordable $10 and can be purchased right at the door.

b) Ninja Zombies
    i) Tribeca Grand Hotel (NYC)
   ii) 7pm for cocktail hour, two film shorts, and then feature
   iii) all of which only costs $10 to enter
   iv) and, bonus, part of all proceeds go to Healing the Children Northeast

On November 30th and December 1st:
a) Media Production Confrence and Expo (I recommend it for all of the ripe for picking networking opportunities)
    i) it costs nothing to see the exhibits
    ii) $35 for just one workshop
    ii) $100 for 4 workshops
    iii) $200 for as many workshops as you want, access to all of the keynote speeches, and to the evening reception.

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