Saturday, December 18, 2010

Flash mob performances

I realize it's not a new phenomnon, but I find the flash mob performances that have been happening everywhere to be inclredibly inspiring. What would you do if you were sitting in a cafeteria trudding along in your daily routine and suddenly someone starts to sing and dance and then more and more and more people join in until a mob of people are joyously performing out in the open.  Would you stare in amazment? Run away from these unsettlingly happy people? Or maybe even join in...

I love knowing that the people who become unsuspecting audience members are randomly enveloped in a wonderful experience that they will most certainly remember for the rest of their lives. And when you see the faces of these people in the videos I've posted you just might see what I saw. A connection. An experience that is truly felt by people in a society that is not easy to live in right now. We all have our troubles with money and family and mortality, but if moments like this can make us forget for even a moment--- I think that is what art is all about. Relieving a stressed out and angry world for just a moment and letting us feel something good for once.

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