Thursday, December 16, 2010

More Nutcracker photos :)

Waltz of the flowers. Mary and I had the toughest time with this scene. We had to figure out how to make all our 14 flower costumes work for a cast of 16 girls. Which wouldn't have been too difficult if the parts of Sugar Plum, Snow Queen and Clara hadn't been triple cast. We eventually figured out how to make it work for each performance- but it really wasn't easy.

Victorian girls playing during the party scene.

Drosselmeyer wowing the crowd

Some of the mice! I will say that the mice and Rat King turned out to be my favorite costumes in the show-- thanks to my mask builder Ashley Fong.  I love that way masks can transform a performer and the way they move. I'm so glad we were able to make it happen :)

Rat King!!! I promise to put some more detailed pics of the masks up later. Ashley has them at the moment for her end of semester review.

The Prince and Clara #2

Snow Queen!!!! With the crown I showed you the design for  in a previous post

In this performance there were 2 portions to the snow scene, the ballet portion (pics coming later) and the modern scene. The modern scene is were the pants pattern I posted earlier came into play. It worked really well! It was quick to make, fit everyone perfectly, and looked awesome when they spun around! :)

The bon bons were so ridiculously cute! I'm so glad that I found the giant green glitter bows!

Also-- Mother G was not in costume for these pictures. It was a tech rehearsal.

Another splash of cute in the show-- the little sugar plums.

And our Sugar plum Fairy.

The Angels


Thank you Alexander for this epic leap photo!!
Another show whizzes on by! Costumes were designed by myself and Mary Paul. This show was directed by Rachel Roccoberton. Choreographed by Amy Chibeau, Rachel Roccoberton, and Alana Mahdalik. Photos were taken by and used with the permission of Alexander Andriulli. Up next--- writing and illustrating a children's book in a week ;)

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