Friday, October 15, 2010

Cloud 9 Poetz corner

I had such a blast on Tuesday at Cl9ud's weekly poetry reading. Also, before you judge, this was not a group of stuffy people speaking in riddles about lofty concepts in monotonous voices. We've all had that English teacher at some point who made us think of poetry like that. And these were definably not those kind of people.  It was a rowdy bunch of artists  performing for their weekly web show (soon to be on the Public Access Channel) sharing raunchy, sweet, powerful and everything in between poetry.

Our hostess was the fantastically spunky Shireal Renee, who is a poet herself.

There were poets with all sorts of styles, some of my favorites were the women who weren't afraid to speak about their sexual sides. It's 2010, women have the same sex drive as men and honestly, we shouldn't be ashamed or afraid of it anymore.
Though don't think that the men in the room were playing the tame lover now that the ladies were speaking out. They had certain things on their minds, and they weren't afraid to share them either. But the evening's dirty-sexy poetry wasn't one as one dimensional as it seemed. There was one poem, forgive me if I get the title wrong, "Pornography Poem," (read by the gentleman on the right) that used incredibly raunchy and sometimes uncomfortable imagery to make you realize just how intimate a poem can be. Opening yourself up as a writer through words for the world to hear and love or mutilate; it's a scary thing and very personal one too. I have no problem sharing my ramblings but to compose a poem and actually share it with someone... I don't think I'm that brave.

The evening's featured poet was Reality's Catalyst. And he was quite simply, brilliant. His poetry was funny, witty, and moved along like a song you want to listen to on repeat. Not only is he a fantastic poet, he is a singer, song writer, dancer, and graphic artist. I hope I get the chance to see more of his work in the future. Honestly, his performance is worth seeing so follow the link and you can: 

I can't wait to go back! And maybe... eventually I'll gather enough courage to share some poetry of my own. Though I've never been very confident with my command of language, these artists certainly make me want to continue to try.

All photos were used with permission from the fantastic photographer Robert Cooper.

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  1. OMG! Wow, that was a great post! Thank you Jeanette for your kind words!

  2. The kind words were well earned :)