Monday, October 11, 2010

Silk City Flick Fest

Went to the flick fest in Hartford this weekend, and it was great!

I was mostly there to see the first showing of "The Antique Shop," but I saw a bunch of fantastic horror shorts while I was there and an incredible feature called, "A Safe House."

My favorite shorts where "Survivors," "Lucky Break," and "La Petite Mort."

Survivors was a very  cleverly written zombie movie. Before the end of it you know enough about each of the main characters to no want them chewed on by lurching reanimated corpses. It left me thinking about the frightening choice the characters had to make. To die fighting off the zombies or to spend the rest of a very short life trapped in a tiny space with no light. Personally, I'd rather be a zombie.

 I loooooooved this movie!!! It was ridiculously clever and very funny. The story focuses on this poor shlub of a guy eating at a chinese restaurant and his fortune cookie has some very interesting and true things to tell him. First that the blond sitting at the table across from him is not wearing any underwear, and then that his mother is about to have a heart attack. The fortune cookies lead him around town winning him money and girls, but then they become malevolent  and terrible things start to happen. (dramatic music) I won't say any more as I highly recommend seeing this when you have a chance. Follow the link to watch it now!

A Safe House
 A Safe House was a modern Sopranos-like drama of drugs, violence and betrayal. The story was compelling and the acting was so fantastic that I was on edge even when nothing was being said. The overall technical quality wasn't the best but they made it work for the film giving it the feeling of a gritty, real story. I left the showing speechlessly blow away. I keep finding myself thinking about it.

I'm very sad to say I didn't get the chance to go back to the festival for another day of awesomeness but I'm definably going back next year!
 Check out Silk City Flick Fest's website to see pictures and the list of all the films:

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