Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Hut finally exists!!!

Apart from a few changes in location we were finally able to put the set together!! The new filming location is in the finished basement of the actor playing the witch dr. I am now very glad to have built the flats a few inches shorter than the max height my minivan could handle, the ceilings in the basement were only a few inches higher than the flats were. I got sooooo lucky!
There's my baby! The upright beams are hiding where the seams are, (each flat is a separate piece) that way each "room" can be a rearrangement of the flats. The diagonals where these weird milkweeds I pulled out of Alex's backyard. They were meant for the ceiling, but when we started hanging the weed block (the black stuff) off of the ceiling it turned out to just be a big pain in the rear. So I added them to the walls. And I quite like the effect.
Lighting candles with a blow torch. Quick and easy. Although you should be careful while doing this on fabrics and carpets and such... it's sort of a flame hazard.

hooray for candles and dollar store skulls.

Remember the voodoo research I did a while back? Well, there it is! I put symbols all over the place. Mostly in charcoal and a few in "dried blood"

These skulls totally came from the dollar store. I did have to cut out the holes for the eye sockets, nose and teeth and then paint them. But they're pretty sturdy and they don't look half bad :) Although I wouldn't really call them human skulls... Perhaps monkey?

These bottles are where I used the torch the most. Lots of dripping wax and burning off labels.

Shelf curtsy of my parents wood pile.

The only down side to this arch is when they film through it they will have to put two of the flats behind it to mask the fact that we are not actually  in Nigeria..

behind the scenes!

To keep the rearranging independent of power tools or tools that I would miss if I never saw them again I drilled holes and taught the guys how to tie a sturdy knot. Strangely the rope was enough to keep the walls stable. Also, I must give credit for this clever idea to my Dad. he helped me figure out a lot of the technical issues. Did I mention I'm far better with a paint brush than with power tools?

Leaving a note for the crew.
my note :)
I had so much fun building, painting, and setting up this hut! And the people I worked with were fantastic. I hope we get the chance to work together again soon.

All photographs were taken by and used with the permission of Alexander J. Andriulli.

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